Capture value,
eliminate waste.

We capture and recirculate the valuable resources consumed by agriculture in a natural and regenerative way.

We study food production systems and identify how to sustainably reduce cost in the process, increase value in the product, and maintain a healthy environment.

Our research, operations and innovative technology are focused on providing full system solutions for our partners in the agriculture and aquaculture industries.


In the animal farming industry we capture value and eliminate waste by managing manure, combining it with biochar, and producing a bio fertiliser which is a soil enhancing substitute for synthetic fertiliser.

This entire process alleviates an acute biowaste problem for farmers, significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions, captures carbon in a stable condition in the soil and prevents nitrate pollution in waterways and nutrient loss from slurry spreading and NPK fertiliser.

Biowaste management

Our expertise in handling biowaste from farming enables this logistic and environmental liability to become a valuable resource.

Bio energdy production

Our production process generates bio-oil and syngas which can be used as renewable energy source and increase energy efficiency in the system.

Biochar Kiln & Torrefaction

Biochar mineral fertilizer benefits

Can be added to soil as a soil amendment to enhance fertility, water retention, and nutrient availability. It also aids in reducing nutrient leaching and improving microbial activity in the soil.

  • Water holding capacity

    Increasing the volume of microbes and fungi greatly increase the soils ability to hold water and helps plants to withstand water and heat stress.

  • Bio activity

    Creating a better environment for microbial activity to thrive leads to a healthier soil system and a higher nutrient retention.

  • Soil remediation

    Many soil environments are over-fertilized with NPK leading to damaged weakened soil systems. Biofertilizer can reverse this degradation and rebalance the soil environment – leading to significantly higher yields.

  • Biochar mineral fertilizer (biofertilizer) is a versatile regenerative soil enhancer, improving soil health and resilience making it a valuable resource for addressing environmental, agricultural, and sustainability challenges.

  • C O O

    Carbon Sequestration

    The biochar component of our biofertilizer can store carbon in a stable form for a long time, thus helping to mitigate climate change by reducing carbon dioxide emissions when derived from sustainably managed biomass.

Our full system design reduces carbon dioxide emissions, sustainably manages biomass, captures renewable energy and delivers regenerative biofertilizer product. Speak to us about how we can capture value through our environmental innovation.

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Algae & Tunicates

We have developed a novel approach to industrialize the production of these under-utilized low trophic resources. Our enhanced drying technologies drastically cut energy consumption while preserving and concentrating all of the valuable substance and nutrient quality held in the algae and tunicates. This provides a long shelf life for the product and enables industrial utilization of these significant resources.


Main categories for products; fishmeal substitute, antioxidants, lipids, proteins, fibres and even metals.