Waste is an unnatural
idea to us

Our food systems are under multiple stresses; soil health, biodiversity, water quality, energy consumption, and food waste are all factors that keep our system under pressure.

Our over-use of synthetic fertiliser to fuel industrial agriculture, and the problems that are caused by the demands of consumption, are creating existential risk to our environment.

These are inter-dependent problems that require fundamental systemic change to how we think about and use our resources.

We are focused on how resources are used, and re-used.

We view waste streams as a flow of resource.

Our skill is finding how to recirculate that value into another system.

Our partners

We are excited to work with industry pioneers to deliver projects at commercial scale.

  • In partnership with Alere Circular, we are dedicated to developing innovative solutions for nutrient recapture, driving circularity and sustainability in resource management.

  • Through our collaboration with Agder Miljø, we harness the potential of biomass waste to generate heat and develop innovative soil solutions, contributing to a sustainable and resource-efficient approach in waste management.

  • We are excited to collaborate with Havila to leverage their expertise and resources in our mission to develop innovative and sustainable solutions for waste management and environmental protection.

Capturing value,
through enviromental

Our team

  • At Capture Bank, we are passionate about creating a sustainable future through innovative solutions.With our expertise in resource recovery, agriculture, and environmental protection, we are committed to making a positive impact on our planet. Join us on this journey towards a greener tomorrow.

  • Founder, 20 years in clean tech. Corporate Finance, Venture and Shipping

  • CEO Havila Vega, multiple senior roles in Maersk.

  • Veterinary & MBA. Experience from veterinar practice in aquaculture, pharma & genetics.

  • Experience in over 15 countries with for-profit and not-for-profit organizations with strategy advice and leadership development.

  • CFO & Head of Business Development at Havila Biogass